Complete IT Professional to Database StarComplete IT Professional has been renamed and rebranded to Database Star. I’ll explain what that means and why I made this change in this article.

What Was The Change?

You’re probably reading this on the new website, wondering why you’re here instead of on

Well, the reason is that I have decided to change the name and brand of my website from CompleteITProfessional to DatabaseStar.

What does this mean?

  • New URL
  • New email addresses
  • New logo and site design
  • New name for social media profiles
  • Same content

If this sounds like a big change to you, then you’re right. I’ve never done this before and only a handful of websites that I know about or that I follow have done this. It’s usually a big change from the site owner perspective, but hopefully it’s pretty seamless from a reader or subscriber perspective.

So, why did I make this change? There are a few reasons.

First, let me start with the logo.


The Logo Needed Updating

I designed the current CITP logo using Microsoft Visio sometime in 2012. While Visio is good for many things, it’s not the best for logo design. I needed something to show on my site and to use as a logo – and it’s stuck around for over 4 years.



I really wanted to update it, and get a professional design done (probably through 99designs). This was to make it look cleaner, better, and more attractive.

But, as I was creating the brief for the logo, my girlfriend reinforced an idea that I’ve had in the back of my mind for some time. And that was renaming and rebranding the entire website, not just the logo.

So, the trigger for the rebrand was the logo redesign (which was updated as part of the new design), and it ended up being the whole name that was changed.



More Focus on the Audience

When I started the website in 2011, I decided that my target audience would be IT professionals – people who worked in the IT industry in any role.

This included software developers, database administrators, business analysts, network engineers, system administrators, helpdesk support, and more.

I didn’t want to be restricted too much by the type of content I created. I was just learning about blogging and internet business, and I thought that having a broader focus was better.

Over time, I’ve slowly moved towards software developers, and then focused on Oracle database developers. My recent post topics include a technical function article on Thursdays and a career or Oracle tips article on Mondays.

As I decided to put more focus on to Oracle database developers, I realised that the term “Complete IT Professional” didn’t really fit the audience any more.

I wanted something that was more focused. I wanted a name that could be associated with database professionals.

I’ll go into more detail about what DatabaseStar means later in this article.


A Better and Shorter Name

When I started, Complete IT Professional was a suitable name.

But, over time, I realised a few things about this name:

  • It’s quite long (22 characters and 6 syllables), which means it’s hard to get usernames on different websites.
  • It’s hard to spell. The word “professional” isn’t an easy word to spell if you’re not used to it.
  • It’s a little hard to pronounce. I realised this after I began speaking about it to people and mentioning it during videos I created, neither of which I was doing when I started the website.
  • Getting a logo designed using 4 letters (CITP) is not ideal. I think 2 or 3 is better.

I felt that it was a good idea to move to a more appropriate name and to avoid these problems that I had with Complete IT Professional.


Why Database Star?

So, why did I choose the name Database Star?

There are a few reasons.

I wanted to have the word “database” in it to reflect that I was focusing on databases. But, I didn’t want to have any technology or company name in there, for trademark issues and to avoid limiting myself to Oracle or SQL, for example.

I wanted a shorter name (DatabaseStar is 12 characters) and it only has two words and two initials (three if I refer to it as DBS).

The word “star” has a few meanings:

  • It implies that I can help you become a star database developer by providing content on this site.
  • A database diagram can often be referred to as a “star” because of the way that tables are linked to each other.
  • The way to select all columns in a table is to use the * character, commonly referred to as “star”.

I’m pretty happy with the name, and the logo. I plan on making big things happen with this site and I think the name DatabaseStar is a part of that.


What About Software Developer Academy?

For those of you who have bought any of my courses, you may know that I have a separate website for hosting my courses,

I have these on a separate website for a few reasons, which I’ve written about here.

So, with the move from CompleteITProfessional to DatabaseStar, what does it mean for SoftwareDeveloperAcademy?

Well, right now, there will be no change. But, I do plan on moving the courses over to the DatabaseStar website sometime soon.

This is so they are all under the one name, and so people don’t get confused about the other site.

Anyone who is a member of the course will be migrated to the new site when it happens, and any new customers will be able to purchase the courses on the new site.


So, What Does This Mean For You?

For you, changing the name of this website means:

  • If you’re an email subscriber, you’ll get emails from Ben (Database Star) instead of “Complete IT Professional” or “Ben from Complete IT Professional”, so make sure to whitelist any emails that come from DatabaseStar. If you’re not a subsciber, sign up below!
  • Any links pointing to pages on will be automatically redirected to (using something called a 301 redirect).
  • Some old posts may be deleted (posts that aren’t relevant to databases and are low quality).
  • Any new posts will be published here and not on CompleteITProfessional.
  • My Twitter handle has changed to @databasestar, and so has my other social media profiles.
  • The type of content (articles and videos) that I create will be the same. I’ll still be focusing on Oracle databases, database design, and career advice for database developers.

Other than that, I don’t think there are any impacts. You won’t need to resubscribe to my email newsletter or refollow me on Twitter.

So, I hope this article explains why I decided to rename my site from CompleteITProfessional to DatabaseStar.

If you have any questions, please add them in the comments below!

Lastly, if you enjoy the information and career advice I’ve been providing, sign up to my newsletter below to stay up-to-date on my articles. You’ll also receive a fantastic bonus. Thanks!

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