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  • Are you tired of not knowing how to use Oracle SQL to its full potential?
  • Are you trying to stay up-to-date with your Oracle and database knowledge?
  • Do you want to impress your teammates and database administrators with your Oracle knowledge and skill?

Hi, I'm Ben Brumm.

I've been working with Oracle databases and SQL for many years and am also the founder of

I've noticed that there are two main ways to learn advanced Oracle concepts - both of which have their own issues:
1. Learn it on the job, slowly, from reading other people's queries.
2. Attend an official training course, having to take days off work and costing thousands of dollars.

This solution will avoid both of those issues.

You can learn advanced topics of Oracle SQL in your own time, at your own pace, and not have to pay thousands of dollars.​

When I started with Oracle SQL, I was only using the basics.

My queries were messy, and they were slow. Running these on a production database could have caused problems.

And maintaining them would have been hard.

You don't want to deploy messy or slow queries on a live production server.

You'd rather be responsible for implementing well-written, easy to maintain, and fast queries, wouldn't you?

As I learnt more Oracle SQL and learnt about advanced concepts such as sequences and materialized views, I found that I was better able to design solutions for the projects I was working on.

Imagine... knowing what feature of Oracle SQL will be the most suitable to any query that you write.

Imagine... being able to understand and contribute to what the more senior Oracle developers are talking about.

Imagine... the respect and admiration you'll receive from your coworkers when you are more knowledgeable in Oracle SQL.

Imagine... the relief and satisfaction of working with database administrators when you write clean and efficient SQL code.

So, why should you consider my solution?

I've been working with Oracle SQL for many years.

I've been writing about Oracle SQL topics and creating Oracle courses for years on the blog at

I can explain the concepts easily and show examples to help you learn and become productive with your Oracle SQL.

I've also obtained the Oracle SQL Expert certification, which has allowed me to improve my queries even further.

With this solution, you will:

  • Learn how to create well-written and efficient queries by using a range of Oracle SQL features
  • See real examples of Oracle concepts to make it easier to understand the topics
  • Be able to learn in your own time and at your own pace
  • Impress your coworkers, database administrators, and clients, with your improved SQL knowledge
  • Pay a small monthly fee, rather than a once-off cost

So, what's the solution?

I'm excited to share with you the...

Database Star Academy Membership

This online monthly membership contains a series of video courses, PDF guides to help you improve your SQL skills, including:

  1. INTRODUCTION TO ORACLE SQL: Learn the basics of Oracle SQL, including how to set up your environment and write various queries.
  2. ADVANCED ORACLE SQL: Learn more advanced Oracle SQL topics such as materialized views, subqueries, and the WITH clause.
  3. SQL DEVELOPER JUMPSTART: Learn how to use the SQL Developer IDE, so you can get up and running in less time.
  4. RELATIONAL DATABASE DESIGN: Learn the concepts of normalization and how to design a database the right way.
  5. SEVERAL PDF GUIDES: Get several PDF guides on a range of topics such as Oracle joins, best practices, and SQL Developer.
  6. PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP: Access to a members-only Facebook group to discuss SQL issues and questions.
  7. MONTHLY SQL TIP VIDEOS: New videos prepared every month to provide you with SQL tips, only available to members.

You'll get access to this content immediately, and access to regular SQL videos as they are released.

Improve Your Oracle SQL Skills Today

When you buy the Database Star Academy membership, you'll get instant access to a collection of online videos, PDF guides, and private Facebook group.

All of this for the EARLY BIRD price of...

$12 / month

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


Ben Brumm
Creator of Database Star Academy, Founder of

About the Author

I've been working with Oracle and SQL for many years, after completing my computer science degree in 2007, majoring in Oracle databases. I've been a software consultant ever since.

I've also obtained the Oracle SQL Expert certification.​

I created this membership to teach Oracle SQL and database skills to many people. I want you to be able to improve your knowledge and skills with SQL and databases.

Two Coffees Per Month?

Learning all of this on various Internet sites would take a long time, because there's just so many sites out there and they can all be confusing.

Enrolling in a live training event will take days from your life, and cost thousands of dollars.

Even if your employer pays for it, it's hard to get them to agree.

For the cost of two coffees per month, you can get access to all of the material I mentioned, ongoing regular videos, and a private Facebook group.

What You Get As Part Of The Membership

Four Complete Courses

Instant access to four complete online video courses (Introduction to Oracle SQL, Advanced Oracle SQL, SQL Developer Jumpstart, and Relational Database Design).

Several PDF Guides

Instant access to several PDF guides on different topics (including Joins, Best Practices, SQL Developer Quick Start, SQL Developer Keyboard Shortcuts).

Private Facebook Community

Access to a members-only Facebook group, to discuss SQL questions and issues you might have.

Monthly SQL Tip Videos

New members-only videos released every month, explaining tips and techniques in Oracle SQL.

Access to Future Courses

Any future courses will be automatically added to the membership at no extra cost to you.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


$ 12 / month

Why put off taking your Oracle SQL skills to the next level? You can enrol in the Database Star Academy membership right now for only $12/month.

Yes, I want to start improving my Oracle SQL skills now!

One Month From Now...

One month from now you could be developing some great SQL queries and impressing others with your improved Oracle knowledge.

Or, you can do nothing and don't learn anything new, putting your work at risk and maybe even your career.

If you take action now, you'll get access to all of my courses and PDF guides, private Facebook community, and special members-only monthly SQL videos. All for a low price of $12 per month.


If you are not satisfied with your membership, then let me know within the first 30 days of purchasing, and I will provide you with a full refund.

I'm confident that you'll get some value for your membership within the first 30 days!​

"Why should I join your membership?"

I've been teaching Oracle to coworkers and on my blog for years. I'm also a certified Oracle SQL Expert and passionate about writing good Oracle SQL.

The membership site is focused on Oracle SQL, so you'll be getting your knowledge straight from someone who knows it, rather than a broad "software development" membership.​

"What happens after I buy?"

You'll get an email with details on how to register for the course on Database Star.

Once you register, you'll be able to log in to an area of the site that has a list of all the modules, videos, and downloadable material. You'll then be charged every month.

"Can I cancel my membership?"

You can cancel at any time - simply click the Cancel button inside the membership site, or in your PayPal account. Or contact me.​

"Can I sign up, download all the material, then cancel?"

While I would prefer that you didn't do that, there's nothing stopping you. It would take you a while to go through and download the hundreds of videos though.

Also, when you cancel, you'll lose access to the private Facebook group, and you won't receive any of the monthly SQL videos.

It's more beneficial for you to stay a member.

Yes, I want to start improving my Oracle SQL skills now!