Helpful Resources

IT Resume Results

An online video course that shows you how to create an effective, high quality resume, that will help you get the IT job you’re looking for.

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Complete IT Job Guide

An online course, containing an eBookchecklistsreviews and videos, showing you the end-to-end process for getting a job in the IT industry:

  • Finding a job
  • Job interviews
  • Social media
  • Resumes and cover letters
  • Starting the job
  • Much, much more!

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Introduction to Oracle SQL

An online course that teaches how to get started using Oracle SQL.

Hosted on Software Developer Academy, this course uses video lectures to teach the theory of Oracle SQL for beginners. It also uses screen casts of the download, setup, and query execution process to make it as easy as possible for students.

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Relational Database Design

An online course that teaches you how to design a database.

Hosted on Software Developer Academy, this course uses video lectures to walk you through how to design a database, using a school enrolment database as an example. It explains primary and foreign keys, normal forms, and shows you diagrams using MySQL Workbench software.

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IT Salary Success

An online course that teaches you how to improve your salary as an IT professional using one of seven different methods.

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Notepad++ – Advanced text editor with many extra features

Dropbox – Easy to use file sharing application, available for many devices

TeraCopy – Improved Windows file copy utility


Online Tools

Browser Stack – Online cross-browser testing tool

LastPass – Secure browser-based password repository plugin

Improve Your Oracle SQL With My 10-Day Email Course