Here’s a collection of interesting articles I’ve read this week

Articles I’ve Read

DBA Productivity and Oracle Database 12.2

Julian writes about automating the tasks a DBA does, and shows a chart demonstrating which tasks are performed manually vs automated. He also covers some of the new automation features for DBAs in releace 12cR2.


How NOT to Handle Exceptions

Steven wrote a great article that includes many bad ways of handling exceptions in PL/SQL. He shows the preferred method at the end of the article as well.


Deciding Whether a Certification is Worth It

An article on Dice that discusses a few points related to certifications, including what to avoid when looking for non-vendor certifications.


A Programmer’s Guide To Effective Debugging

John’s article on debugging can be applied to any programming language, and has some detailed steps that don’t involve “use the debugger in your IDE”. A good read.

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