Here’s a collection of articles I’ve read over the last week that I found interesting. A shorter list than usual, but still some quality articles!

Articles I’ve Read

Oracle’s Cloud Licensing Change : Be Warned!

Tim Hall from Oracle-Base shared with the community that Oracle’s cloud licensing costs have doubled due to the way CPUs are measured. It’s a short article with some great information. The comments are also an interesting read, hearing about people’s experiences with licensing and discussions of the cloud.


Back It Up

David elaborates on a recent post in an Oracle forum about a user’s script about altering a tablespace to run a backup.


Database Diagram using SQL Developer

A short article that explains, with pictures, how to generate a database diagram using SQL Developer.


How to define an identity column?

Heli’s article on defining an identity column has some screenshots on how to do it in SQL Developer, and generating the DDL to do it.


Forced into using the “F” Word Again

Debra wrote this article explaining why she (and others) are using the word Fusion as well as Cloud Apps, and why they are different.

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