This week I’ve read a few interesting articles on Oracle and I thought I’d share them here.

RI (Referential Integrity) Constraints: 3 Reasons to Include Them in Your Data Warehouse

Kent Graziano from The Data Warrior (and Snowflake) wrote an interesting article on using referential integrity constraints inside a data warehouse. I haven’t really considered using them, but his article has some good points.


Confused by your error backtrace? Check the optimization level!

Steven Feuerstein highlights the DBMS_UTILITY.FORMAT_ERROR_BACKTRACE function and how you can get strange results when changing the optimisation level. It’s worth reading to see how to change what you see in the call stack.


Create a Standby database in Oracle Cloud for On-Premises production database

This in-depth article by Kamran Agayev details how to build a standby database in Oracle Cloud based on your on-premises production database. It has a list of step-by-step instructions with screenshots where appropriate.


Temporal validity and open/closed intervals

Kim Berg Hansen writes about the Oracle 12c feature of temporal validity, and an issue he was working on with valid dates.


12.2 Index Advanced Compression “High” Part III (I Can’t Give Everything Away)

Richard Foote has written this article on the new Index Advanced Compression setting of “High”. It’s worth a read to see the example and what the impact is.


I hope you find these articles as useful as I do.

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