OTN Appreciation Day

As part of the #ThanksOTN (or ThanksODC) idea started by Tim Hall on Twitter, I’ve written about a few things I appreciate over the years. Here they are, all in one post.

mysql privileges

MySQL Privileges The Ultimate Guide

Privileges in MySQL are an important part of the database. In this guide, you’ll learn: what privileges are and what they do the privileges that are available how to give and take privileges from individual users and groups of users how to see privileges available for a user Let’s get into it.

database timezones

How to Handle Database Timezones

Working with timezones can be one of the hardest things in a database. In this guide, you’ll learn: Why timezones are hard to work with A rule that covers almost all situations An exception to this rule Let’s get into it.

oracle pdb

A Guide to Oracle PDB (Pluggable Database) and CDB (Container Database)

If you’ve worked with Oracle databases recently, you may have heard of the terms “pluggable database” and “container database”. In this guide, you’ll learn: what these terms mean the benefits of this new architecture how to connect to a container or pluggable database how to switch between these databases how to create a container or …

A Guide to Oracle PDB (Pluggable Database) and CDB (Container Database) Read More »

mysql enum

MySQL ENUM: The Ultimate Guide

The ENUM data type in MySQL is a helpful data type for specifying a valid range of values. In this guide, you’ll learn all about the MySQL ENUM feature, including: what the ENUM feature is how to use it on your database some disadvantages of this feature Let’s get into it.


Use mysqldump to Backup and Restore a MySQL Database

If you’re interested in the process to backup and restore a MySQL database, then mysqldump is the tool to use. In this guide, you’ll learn: what mysqldump is how to use it to backup your database in different ways how to restore your database from a backup file Let’s get into the guide.

MySQL Pivot

MySQL Pivot: How To Generate a Pivot Table

Do you want to learn how to generate pivoted data or pivot tables in MySQL? In this article, you’ll learn: what the pivot concept is how to generate a pivot table in MySQL how to generate the column headings dynamically Let’s get into the guide.

flyway db

Flyway DB Tutorial: How to Set Up Flyway

If you want to set up Flyway DB on your database, you’ve come to the right place. In this guide, you’ll learn: What Flyway is A step-by-step guide to setting it up on your database Create a couple of SQL scripts to demonstrate the process Let’s get into it.