Learn the Basics of SQL

Get started with SQL in the database vendor of your choice: Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, or PostgreSQL

Introduction to SQL Course

The Introduction to SQL course will help you get started with learning the basics of SQL. Applicable to four different vendors (Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, and PostgreSQL).

The course includes videos on each of these topics:

  • Introduction
  • Download and install the database software (e.g. Oracle Express, SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL)
  • Download and install an SQL Editor (SQL Developer, SSMS, MySQL Workbench, DBeaver)
  • Connect to your database
  • Create your first table
  • Add data to the table
  • View data in the table
  • Update data in the table
  • Delete data from the table
  • Create a second table
  • Joining two tables together
  • Add a primary key and foreign key
  • Ordering your results
  • Selecting from three tables
  • Using table and column aliases
  • Adding other constraints to your database

It also includes a quiz to test your knowledge and a PDF version of the course.

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Nancy T

Database Star Academy member

Ben has simplified sub-queries for me, regex, and many other topics. I feel slow when reading a lot of explanations off the internet, but his explanations are so clear, they make these topics easy to understand. The "SQL Interview Questions & Answers", which I nearly didn't read, was full of answers I had on how to use CTE, DBMS-Output, temp tables. And then I put them all in a folder that are easy to refer back to. On top if it all, I don't have to sift through a 10 minute you tube to find the 10 seconds of information I'm looking for. I also get emails from Database Star on topics I didn't even knew I had questions on - like how to manage your time, and book recommendations like "Clean Code" by Robert C. Martin.

Korlahalli S

Database Star Academy member

I think I am one of the guys who joined you almost from the beginning of the launch of your academy (correct me if I am wrong). And, this is the first time in my IT career I have ever subscribed to any site such as yours. After being with you for some time, I now feel that I have not made any mistake by subscribing to your site. I have learnt a lot by following your site which cannot be described in words. Examples given after each topic are very useful. The videos are simple, informative and easy to understand. There is also a lot of general content which is very useful in developing the subject. I am extremely grateful to you for that. I am also happy to see you coming up with different flavors of SQL (SQL Server, MySQL & Postgress SQL). It would be easy for a person to refer to one single site for everything. In fact, I am looking forward to detailed stuff related to Oracle DBA and other related topics. Hope, it is on the way.

What's Included In Database Star Academy?

The courses cover the following topics:

  • Downloading and setting up your database and IDE (Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, or PostgreSQL)
  • Creating tables and populating them with sample data
  • Basic SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE queries
  • Filtering and ordering data in Select queries
  • Getting data from multiple tables using joins
  • Identifying and relating data using primary keys and foreign keys
  • Improving and simplifying queries with table aliases and column aliases
  • Improving data quality with check constraints, unique constraints, and not null constraints
  • Using bind variables for performance and security
  • Aggregate functions and grouping
  • Using subqueries
  • Lookup tables
  • Limiting the number of rows
  • A complete process of improving the performance and measuring your SQL query
  • Inserting many rows in one statement
  • Automatically generating values using auto-increment features
  • Creating units of work using transactions
  • Getting started with Oracle PL/SQL
  • Learn how to use tools such as SQL Developer, Toad for Oracle, and SQL*Plus
  • Learn the topics covered in the Oracle Certified Associate (OCA) exam
  • Learn how to design an effective database and follow normalisation techniques
  • Learn a range of advanced data modeling techniques you can use
  • Understand what a data warehouse is and learn how to set one up
  • Learn what Common Table Expressions are and how they can help your queries


What Else Do You Get?

You'll get more than just the courses as part of the Database Star Academy. Here's what else you get:

Single Videos

There are over 20 single videos that cover a range of topics, such as converting a UNION query to one that uses a CASE statement to improve performance, EAV table design, grouping data, and much more.

Many PDF Guides

There are many PDF guides available to enhance your SQL skills.

Some of these guides are:

- Oracle Joins Guide

- Oracle Best Practices

- Database Normalisation Checklist

- SQL Cheat Sheets

- Many more!

SQL Scripts For Each Course

Learning from video and PDF guides is one thing.

But the process is much easier when you have the scripts used in the course.

The SQL scripts used are available for download, so you can follow along with the course and practice your skills.

Case Studies

There are several case study courses in the Academy, which take a problem and show you step-by-step how to solve it.

Timesaver PDFs

Low on time? There are several PDFs that show you how to use different tools easier.

Most of the courses come with a PDF version of the course, so you can read and learn when you can't watch the videos.

Quizzes Available

Most of the courses come with a quiz to test your knowledge. You can also take them before the course to see if you already know the material or want to learn more.

Practice Exercises

A range of practice exercises to help you learn and get better at SQL and database development.


Larger projects to practice your skills in working with data, SQL queries, table design, and more.

Badges, Achievements, Leaderboard

Earn points and badges from various activities, and see how you compare to other members on a Top 10 Leaderboard.

About The Course Teacher,
Ben Brumm

I've been working with databases and SQL for many years, after completing my computer science degree in 2007, majoring in Oracle databases. I've been a software consultant ever since.

I've also obtained the Oracle SQL Expert certification.

I created this membership to teach SQL and database skills to many people. I want you to be able to improve your knowledge and skills with SQL and databases.

This Is For You If...

You want to get better at working with databases
You don't have a lot of time to study and improve your skills and want to know the right thing to study.
You want to solve problems you're having on your database
You want to make your queries run faster
You want to understand how certain SQL features work

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One more thing...

The Database Star Academy is what I'm most proud of on my website. I truly enjoy helping and teaching others to improve their skills and solve problems.

If you're interested in learning and improving your SQL and database skills, I encourage you to enrol in Database Star Academy today.

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