Course Library

Introduction to Oracle SQL

This course will teach you the basics of Oracle SQL.

Relational Database Design

In this course you’ll learn how to design an effective and efficient database, including the process of normalisation.

Advanced Oracle SQL

In this course you’ll learn about the advanced features of Oracle SQL. This is the next step after completing the Introduction to Oracle SQL course.

Oracle Performance

In this course you’ll learn how to improve the performance of your Oracle queries and how the Oracle database optimises your SQL.

SQL Developer Jumpstart

This course will help you get started quickly with SQL Developer, Oracle’s SQL editor.

Introduction to PL/SQL

In this course you’ll learn the basics of PL/SQL. This was created as a coaching program, so the videos are longer than normal.

Oracle Certified Associate

This course is a study guide for the Oracle Certified SQL Associate certification and exam (1Z0-071).

Single Videos

This course contains a series of individual SQL and database videos. They were originally released each month.