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3 Examples of Database Normalisation: A Step-By-Step Guide Normalisation Using Three Different Sample Databases

A brand new guide to help make your database designs effective:
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    Step-By-Step Instructions. Each step of the normalisation process is shown, including each field and table, to help you understand how the database evolves.
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    Explanations Included. The reasoning why certain decisions are made about the design is included to help understand why something has been done and how you can apply it to your own databases.
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    Diagrams Shown. An entity relationship diagram is shown at each normal form for each example, so you can visualise how the database evolves.

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See how each table is created and defined, along with the reasoning why it was designed this way, to help understand how you can apply it to your own databases.


Follow the steps in this process and turn your list of database requirements into an efficient and well-designed database!


You'll save time by knowing how to normalise your own database in the future.


Three examples query is included in this guide, and the process is applied to the examples, so you can see how it's done and follow along.

About the Author: Ben Brumm

Ben Brumm is the founder of DatabaseStar.com. He has 11+ years of experience in the software industry, and is an Oracle Certified SQL Expert.

3 Examples of Database Normalisation: helping you to create databases

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