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Introduction to Data Warehousing

This course teaches the basics of data warehousing and ETL, and shows you how you can set up a data warehouse using SQL Server and the popular AdventureWorks database.

You'll learn:

  • What a data warehouse is, what ETL is, and how it fits into your role as a developer.
  • How to create a data warehouse from scratch and populate it with data from a normalised database.
  • How to use Visual Studio and SQL Server Management Studio to create a series of steps to populate your data warehouse

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Course Topics:


  • Welcome
  • What is a Data Warehouse?
  • Transaction vs Analytical Databases
  • What is Business Intelligence?


  • Our Sample Database
  • Setting Up SQL Server
  • Setting Up the Sample Database
  • Overall Process

Create Database

  • Dimensional Modeling
  • Current AdventureWorks ERD
  • Create the Fact Table
  • Create the Dimension Tables

Populate Database

  • ETL
  • Download and Install Visual Studio
  • Create the Project and First Step
  • Get Data from Multiple Tables
  • Populate the Customer Dimension
  • Populate the SalesPerson Dimension
  • Populate the Address Dimension
  • Populate the Date Dimension
  • Populate the Fact Table
  • Populate the Second Fact Table
  • Summary of Steps
  • Run SQL Queries
  • Conclusion

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