Oracle SQL Performance

In this course you'll learn how to improve the performance of your Oracle queries and how the Oracle database optimises your SQL.

You'll learn:

  • How Oracle processes your query behind the scenes
  • How to generate and understand an execution plan and each of its operations
  • How to create indexes that will help your queries
  • How to improve your performance using partitioning

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Course Topics:


  • Introduction to Oracle SQL Performance
  • What is Performance Tuning?


  • Oracle Database Architecture
  • SGA - System Global Area
  • PGA - Program Global Area
  • Sample Database
  • Dynamic Performance Views
  • Finding Problem Queries
  • Query Design
  • (Quiz)

Execution Plan

  • What is an Execution Plan?
  • Analysing an Execution Plan
  • Analysing an Execution Plan with Issues
  • Operations
  • What are Bind Variables?
  • Examples of Bind Variables
  • Autotrace
  • What are Statistics?
  • (Quiz)


  • What are Indexes?
  • B-Tree Indexes
  • Bitmap Indexes
  • Selectivity and Cardinality
  • Composite Index
  • Index Column Order
  • Function-Based Indexes
  • Invisible Indexes
  • Impact of Indexes on Other Statements
  • When Should I Use an Index?
  • Why Isn't My Index Being Used?
  • (Quiz)


  • Index Operations
  • Full Table Scan
  • Index Full Scan
  • Fast Full Index Scan
  • Index Range Scan
  • Index Unique Scan
  • Index Skip Scan
  • (Quiz)


  • What is Partitioning?
  • Range Partitioning
  • List Partitioning
  • Hash Partitioning
  • Composite Partitioning
  • Refpartitioning
  • (Quiz)

Tools & Conclusion

  • What is SQL Trace?
  • What is TKProf?
  • SQL Performance Conclusion

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