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Oracle Triggers

This course teaches you the concept of a trigger in a database. You'll also learn how to create a range of different triggers in Oracle SQL.

You'll learn:

  • What a trigger is and why to use one
  • How to create a range of triggers (including before/after/instead of, logon triggers, compound triggers)
  • Tips for using triggers effectively and avoiding the "Mutating Table" error

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Course Topics:


  • Introduction
  • What is a Trigger?

Insert Trigger

  • Before Insert Trigger
  • After Insert Trigger
  • Instead Of Insert Trigger
  • Edit a Trigger
  • Drop a Trigger
  • Enable and Disable a Trigger

Update and Delete Trigger

  • Before Update Trigger
  • After Update of a Row Trigger
  • After Update of a Value Trigger
  • Before Delete Trigger
  • After Delete Trigger
  • Before Insert Statement-Level Trigger

Database and Compound Trigger

  • Database Logon Trigger
  • Compound Trigger
  • Complex Constraint with a Compound Trigger


  • New and Old Values
  • Debugging a Trigger
  • Calling a Stored Procedure from a Trigger
  • Restrictions, Privileges, and Tips
  • Mutating Table Error
  • Viewing Information About Triggers
  • Conclusion

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