Relational Database Design

This course will teach you how to design a database using the normalisation process.

You'll learn:

  • What an Entity Relationship Diagram is, and why they are needed
  • How to create an Entity Relationship Diagram
  • How to create a database design using the normalisation process, from a description of the requirements all the way to a well-designed database, using an example you can follow along with

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Course Topics:


  • Welcome
  • Things You Should Know Before Starting The Course
  • Tools You Need for Database Design
  • How to Set Up MySQL Workbench

Relational Databases

  • What is a Database?
  • Different Types of Databases
  • Store Data for Each Component
  • Remove Duplicate Information
  • Ensure Records are Complete
  • Prevent Inconsistent and Conflicting Data
  • Combine Different Data Sets Easily
  • Increased Security
  • (Quiz)

Data Modeling Process

  • What Is Data Modeling and the Design Process?
  • Determine the Goal of the Database
  • Consider the Current System
  • Gathering Requirements of the Database
  • Finding Exceptions to the Rules

Database Design

  • Identifying Entities
  • Defining the Attributes
  • Normalisation
  • First Normal Form Part 1
  • First Normal Form Part 2
  • Relationships
  • Second Normal Form Part 1
  • Second Normal Form Part 2
  • Third Normal Form
  • (Quiz)

Design Considerations

  • Data Types and Precision
  • Integrity Constraints
  • Naming Conventions
  • Lookup Tables and Auditing
  • Implementation and Next Steps

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