SQL Developer Jumpstart

This course will help you get started quickly with SQL Developer, Oracle's SQL editor.

You'll learn:

  • How to download, install, and set up SQL Developer
  • What each of the main areas of the tool are, and what is in each menu
  • How to write and run SQL files, import and export data, and navigate code

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Course Topics:


  • Welcome
  • Download SQL Developer
  • Download and Install Oracle Express
  • Tour of SQL Developer
  • Connections
  • Database Object Browser
  • Preferences

Queries and Data

  • SQL Files
  • Running Queries
  • Query Builder
  • Importing Data into a Table
  • Exporting Tables and Database
  • Exporting Results


  • Functions
  • Procedures
  • Debugging
  • Code Navigation

Menus and Other Functions

  • View Menu
  • Data Modeler Overview
  • Versioning
  • Reports
  • Tools Menu
  • Window Menu
  • Features and Extensiojns
  • Conclusion

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