SQL Developer Quick Start Guide: A Guide to Get Started Quickly with Oracle SQL Developer

SQL Developer Quick Start Guide

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A guide to help you get started with SQL Developer and get it running the way you want:
  • Save Time. Learn the basics of SQL Developer in this short guide and how to get started quickly, to avoid wasting time learning a new program and just start writing SQL.
  • Recommended settings. Find out the recommended settings to change to get SQL Developer running better and how you prefer it.
  • Keyboard shortcuts. Includes a list of keyboard shortcuts to use as a reference, so you can save time using the tool.

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In the Book, You Will Discover:


Step by step instructions to create a connection, including common error messages.


Links to videos I've made on how to download and set up Oracle SQL Developer.


How to import and export connections so your entire team can work with the same connection information.


A list of settings that you might want to change.


An explanation of what each toolbar button does.


Details on how the Shortcut Keys section works and how to customise it, and a list of helpful default shortcuts that you might use regularly

Ben Brumm

About the Author: Ben Brumm

Ben Brumm is the founder of DatabaseStar.com. He has 9+ years of experience in the software industry, and is an Oracle Certified SQL Expert.

SQL Developer Quick Start Guide
A Guide to Getting Started with SQL Developer

Do you want to be effective quickly with SQL Developer?

Does you workplace not want to pay the license fees for Toad, even though you know it's the best program for Oracle SQL developers?

Are you "stuck" using SQL Developer and want to get up to speed quickly?

Do you want an easy way to set up SQL Developer so you don't waste time trying to learn how to use it?

This guide is a 19-page PDF file that helps you get started with Oracle SQL Developer.

$ 7

It's that easy!

With the SQL Developer Quick Start Guide, you can get started straight away. The guide will show you how to get started using SQL Developer and get it running the way you want.

I wish I had something like this when I made the move over to SQL Developer. It would have saved me so much time!

This guide contains screenshots and steps to get SQL Developer up and running. You can implement the tips and features I share in only a couple of hours.

​You can tweak the program to behave just how you like it. You can set up keyboard shortcuts to the way you're used to. You can get your database connections for your whole team set up quickly and easily.

Why Wait? Get the book now: