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Index Analysis Guide: A Step-By-Step Guide to Analysing Columns for Indexes

A brand new guide to make your index creation effective:
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    Step-By-Step Instructions. Follows a step-by-step approach to creating indexes, which you can follow along easily.
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    Example Walk-Through. Uses an example query and calculations every step of the way, so you can follow along and perform the same steps on your query.
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    Explanation Of Index Factors. Explains the different factors that are used to determine if an index is useful.

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In The Guide, You Will Discover:


Learn how to create indexes the right way and make your queries run faster, by using the right columns and type of indexes.


Follow the steps in this process and know if an index is likely to be useful. No more guessing!


You'll save time when trying to create an index or make a query run faster, because you'll have the steps you can follow each and every time you're looking at a query.


An example query is included in this guide, and the process is applied to the query, so you can see how it's done to a real query.

About the Author: Ben Brumm

Ben Brumm is the founder of DatabaseStar.com. He has 9+ years of experience in the software industry, and is an Oracle Certified SQL Expert.

Index Analysis Guide: helping you to create indexes

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