OGB Appreciation Day: A New Version of Oracle Express

For 2019, I am thankful for Oracle releasing the latest version of Oracle Express.

I use Oracle Express a lot. I use it to write and run code for articles on this website, to test different features, and to do other work with the database. For many years, I’ve been using the version that Oracle had most recently had for Oracle Express: 11g.

This was released many years ago, and while it worked well for the basics, it didn’t have a lot of the new features I wanted to use and explore.

I could have downloaded the full version of Oracle database, and I have done this and set it up before. But I often use Oracle Express to demonstrate features to others, and if they need to download the full Oracle database to follow along, they often don’t.

So, with the new versioning scheme for Oracle and the plan to release more often, I was hopeful of a new Oracle Express version.

And in 2019, they have delivered!

Oracle Express 18c was released earlier this year. I got right onto it after seeing it announced on Twitter and have been using it ever since.

This is great because:

  • I can use the features that were added in 12c and 18c
  • I’m no longer using a database version that is many years old
  • I can show my readers how to use features of 18c which will help them in their career

For those of you who want Oracle Express, see the download page here.

(Thanks to Tim Hall for organising the annual “appreciation day” posts. More information is available in this article.)