Oracle SQL Headquarters

On this page, you’ll find all of the resources on Database Star that relate to the Oracle Database

Setting Up an Oracle Database

Oracle Installation Guide – Instructions on how to download and set up Oracle on your own computer.

Oracle 12c New Features for Developers


Using Oracle Databases

Oracle SQL Functions – a comprehensive list of Oracle SQL functions, with descriptions, and links to more detailed information.

Oracle SQLCODE List – a large list of Oracle SQLCODEs found in the database.

What Are Oracle SQL Aggregate Functions?

What Are Oracle SQL Analytic Functions?

Overview of Oracle Character Sets

A Guide to the Oracle Data Types

Oracle Triggers – The Complete Guide


Oracle Statements

Oracle Create Table Syntax and Examples – The Complete Guide

A Guide to the Oracle INSERT INTO Statement

A Guide to the Oracle DELETE Statement

A Guide to the Oracle ALTER TABLE SQL Statement

A Guide to the Oracle UPDATE Statement

A Guide to the Oracle TRUNCATE TABLE Statement


Oracle Certifications

The Complete Guide to the Oracle Database SQL Expert Certification

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