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Here’s the sample data for loading into a database. The steps to install these are here: How to Load the Sample Data into Each Type of Database.

The CSV files are needed for some Oracle and SQL Server datasets.

Dataset SQL Files CSV Files
Movies MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server
Video Games MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server
Olympic Games MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server
Superheroes MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server None
University Rankings MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server



8 thoughts on “Sample Data Download Page”

  1. Hi Ben,

    I think that the mysql superhero sql file needs correcting – there is a foreign key reference to the ‘superhero’ table at line 137 (when creating the hero_attribute table) but the create table command for the superhero table is not until line 235. I imagine this might affect other table FK links as well. Also, no database is created as part of this script 9also no database created for the mysql universities sql file. I haven’t tried installing the oracle equivalents yet hopefully I’ll get round to that tomorrow.

    thanks again for providing this content

  2. Hi Ben,

    I’ve updated the the scripts to ‘install’ the datasets for MySQL v8 and Oracle 12c. I’d be happy to email them to you

  3. Question about tables:
    Production_Country – There is no Country table to decipher which country is associated with country_id
    Movie_Genre – There is no Genre table to decipher which country is associated with genre_id
    Movie_Crew There is no Department table to decipher which country is associated with department_id

    1. Hi Bob, thanks for the questions. The data for country, genre, and department is in the SQL files mentioned in the column.
      It’s not ideal that it’s in two different locations: ideally it would all be in one file, but the smaller tables are in the SQL script (such as country, genre, department) and the larger tables are in CSV files.
      I’d like to combine it and make it easier eventually.

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