Sample Databases (ERD and SQL)

This page is a collection of all the sample databases available on Database Star. Each entry links to a post with more information, such as the ERD, table explanations, and SQL code to create and populate the database.

You can use the sample SQL database for practice with writing SQL, running SQL, and analysing the data.



A database containing movies, actors, crew, and the movies they have all been in.



Video Games

A database containing video games, their publishers, platforms, and how many sales they have made in several regions.



Olympic Games

A database containing each Olympic games, competitors, sports, events, and medals won.




A database containing 700+ superheroes, their attributes, superpowers, publishers, and several characteristics.



University Rankings

This database contains a list of several hundred universities in the world and their rankings over many years for three different ranking systems and 21 criteria. It’s good for summarising and visualising data and trends.


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