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Database Star Academy

This online membership website contains a series of video courses, PDF guides to help you improve your Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, and PostgreSQL skills, including:

  • Introductory courses for different database technologies: Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL
  • Downloading and setting up your database and IDE
  • Creating tables and populating them with sample data
  • Basic SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE queries
  • Filtering and ordering data in Select queries
  • Getting data from multiple tables using joins
  • Identifying and relating data using primary keys and foreign keys
  • Improving and simplifying queries with table aliases and column aliases
  • Improving data quality with check constraints, unique constraints, and not null constraints
  • Using bind variables for performance and security
  • Aggregate functions and grouping
  • Using subqueries
  • Lookup tables
  • Limiting the number of rows
  • A complete process of improving the performance and measuring your SQL queryInserting many rows in one statement
  • Automatically generating values using auto-increment features
  • Creating units of work using transactions
  • Getting started with Oracle PL/SQL
  • Learn how to use tools such as SQL Developer, Toad for Oracle, and SQL*Plus
  • Learn the topics covered in the Oracle Certified Associate (OCA) exam
  • Learn how to design an effective database and follow normalisation techniques
  • Learn a range of advanced data modeling techniques you can use
  • Understand what a data warehouse is and learn how to set one up
  • Learn what Common Table Expressions are and how they can help your queries

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Ben Brumm
Creator of Database Star Academy, Founder of DatabaseStar.com

About the Author

I've been working with SQL for many years, after completing my computer science degree in 2007, majoring in database development. I've been a software consultant ever since.

I've also obtained the Oracle SQL Certified Associate and Oracle SQL Expert certification.

I created this membership to teach SQL and database skills to many people. I want you to be able to improve your knowledge and skills with SQL and databases.

Why put off taking your Oracle SQL skills to the next level? You can enrol in the Database Star Academy membership right now for only $15/month.

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One month from now you could be developing some great SQL queries and impressing others with your improved Oracle knowledge.

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If you take action now, you'll get access to all of my courses and PDF guides, practice questions, and special members-only monthly SQL videos. All for a low price of $15 per month.


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"Why should I join your membership?"

I've been teaching SQL to coworkers and on my blog for years. I'm also a certified Oracle SQL Expert, Oracle Certified Associate, and passionate about writing good SQL.

The membership site is focused on SQL, so you'll be getting your knowledge straight from someone who knows it, rather than a broad "software development" membership.

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You'll get an email with details on how to register for the course on Database Star.

Once you register, you'll be able to log in to an area of the site that has a list of all the modules, videos, and downloadable material. You'll then be charged every month.

"Can I cancel my membership?"

You can cancel at any time - simply click the Cancel button inside the membership site, or in your PayPal account. Or contact me.

"Can I sign up, download all the material, then cancel?"

While I would prefer that you didn't do that, there's nothing stopping you. It would take you a while to go through and download the hundreds of videos though.

It's more beneficial for you to stay a member.




Recurring payment, cancel anytime.
30-day money back guarantee.




Best Value: Save $30 when you join on an annual subscription.
Recurring payment, cancel anytime. 30-day money back guarantee.