For my 2017 ThanksODC post, I’d like to thank the developers and the community for making Oracle’s SQL Developer so easy to install and set up.

SQL Developer

Very easy to set up.

SQL Developer is the SQL IDE that I use the most. I’ve used it on a range of computers at work and at home. It also means I’m a regular visitor of Jeff Smith’s blog posts on SQL Developer.

Currently I use it on a MacBook Air as well as a Windows 10 virtual machine.

Setting up SQL Developer on both operating systems was very easy.

There is no installation required. Just extract the downloaded file, and run. Even the connection setup is easy. There’s no need to create DSN entries or install any extra files.

When I recently reviewed 50 different SQL IDEs, SQL Developer was probably the easiest to set up when compared to the other tools.

So, that’s my ThanksODC for 2017 – the easy setup of SQL Developer.


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