Top 50 Oracle SQL Blogs for 2016As someone who works with and blogs about Oracle, I like to read other Oracle blogs. I also noticed it was hard to find a good list of the top Oracle SQL blogs.

So, I decided to make my own list.

Top Oracle SQL Blogs

I had found more than 50 Oracle SQL blogs, but wanted to narrow the selection down to 50 because it’s a nice even number. I also wanted to only add blogs that wrote about Oracle SQL. There were a few blogs that wrote about other Oracle tools such as Golden Gate and APEX, which I didn’t include here.

So, here’s the list of top 50 Oracle SQL blogs for 2016. I’ve included the blog owner’s name, their URL, their Twitter handle, a short description of the blog, and an interesting post from their blog.

Do you own one of these sites? I’ve created a badge for you to add to your own site, if you’re interested. See the bottom of the post for more information.

Here’s the list – in alphabetical order of the author’s name, not in any ranking order:

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1 – Oracle Developer (Adrian Billington)

URL: http://www.oracle-developer.net/misc.php

Twitter: None

Adrian’s blog includes a few posts on different Oracle version’s features and some general Oracle SQL tips.

Post: Working with Long Columns


2 – Arup Nanda

URL: http://arup.blogspot.com

Twitter: None

Arup blogs occasionally about various Oracle SQL features and has quite a few posts on his OOW sessions in the past.

Post: OOW14 Session: SQL Tuning Without Trying


3 – Barry McGillin

URL: http://barrymcgillin.blogspot.com/

Twitter: bamcgill

Barry has quite a few posts on SQLcl and migrating to Oracle databases.

Post: Where’s my TNS connection? SHOW TNS


4 – Cary Millsap

URL: http://carymillsap.blogspot.com

Twitter: CaryMillsap

Cary has quite a few posts on software performance, with some specifically around Oracle.

Post: What happened to when the application is fast enough to meet users’ requirements?


5 – OracleNerd (Chet Justice)

URL: http://www.oraclenerd.com/

Twitter: oraclenerd

The OracleNerd website has a lot of posts (832 as of early 2016) and has a lot of good code samples on Oracle SQL.

Post: Fun with SQL – My Birthday


6 – Christian Antognini

URL: https://antognini.ch/blog/

Twitter: ChrisAntognini

Christian has a lot of technical posts on his blog, and is also the author of  Troubleshooting Oracle Performance.

Post: Premature Optimisation


7 – Storm Petrel (Christina Moore)

URL: https://storm-petrel.com/orablog/

Twitter: cmoore_sp

Christina Moore is the founder of Storm Petrel, which specialises in emergency management consulting and data management services. They have a range of Oracle SQL posts on their blog.

Post: Synchronize Sequence with Primary Key


8 – DBA On Tap (Danny Bryant)

URL: http://dbaontap.com/

Twitter: dbaOnTap

Danny’s blog, DBA On Tap, details the problems he encounters each day, most of which are related to Oracle.

Post: Pattern Matching – Regular Expressions Part 1: META Characters


9 – Oracle Sponge (David Aldridge)

URL: https://oraclesponge.wordpress.com/

Twitter: None

David’s blog doesn’t have a lot of recent posts, but the posts he does have are informative and useful.

Post: Generating Lists of Dates in Oracle the DBMS_Scheduler Way


10 – Oracle Tips and Tricks (David Fitzjarrell)

URL: https://dfitzjarrell.wordpress.com

Twitter: ddfdba

David has been blogging for a long time and is the author of the book titled Oracle Exadata Survival Guide.

Post: That Ain’t Right


11 – Burleson Consulting (Don Burleson/Burleson Consulting)

URL: http://www.dba-oracle.com/articles.htm

Twitter: None

The Burleson Consulting site has a lot of great SQL information, and Don is also the author of many SQL books.

Post: Oracle Data Warehousing Tips


12 – Oracle Doug (Doug Burns)

URL: http://oracledoug.com/serendipity/

Twitter: orcldoug

Doug has a mix of travel stories and Oracle SQL posts on his site, along with a good recommendation of Oracle books to read.

Post: Statistics on Partitioned Tables – Part 1


13 – Eddie Awad

URL: http://awads.net/wp/

Twitter: eddieawad

Eddie has a lot of helpful posts on his blog, and also runs the Orana.info Oracle blog aggregator.

Post: SQL Injection Attacks Up 69%, Here is How to Protect Yourself


14 – Galo Balda

URL: https://galobalda.wordpress.com

Twitter: GaloBalda

Galo has quite a few posts on the SQL Developer tool and new features in Oracle 12c.

Post: New in Oracle 12c: Querying an Associative Array in PL/SQL Programs


15 – Hareesh Pothuguntla

URL: http://www.askhareesh.com/

Twitter: askhareesh

Hareesh has a blog that covers a wide rang of Oracle topics. He has many posts on new features in Oracle 12c which are good, short summaries.

Post: Some Interesting SQL Queries Part 2


16 – Heli Helskyaho

URL: https://helifromfinland.wordpress.com

Twitter: HeliFromFinland

Heli has a neat looking blog and some long posts on Oracle tips and her thoughts on various conferences.

Post: Invisible Column


17 – Hemant K Chitale

URL: http://hemantoracledba.blogspot.com

Twitter: HemantKChitale

Hemant has a lot of technical posts, with blog series on topics such as flashbacks and partitioning.

Post: Inserting into a table with potentially long rows


18 – That Jeff Smith (Jeff Smith)

URL: http://www.thatjeffsmith.com

Twitter: thatjeffsmith

Jeff is the Senior Principal Product Manager at Oracle, and his blog teaches Oracle professionals how to get the most from Oracle’s SQL IDE, SQL Developer.

Post: Top 10 Preferences to Tweak when using SQL Developer


19 – Jonathan Lewis

URL: https://jonathanlewis.wordpress.com/all-postings/

Twitter: JLOracle

Jonathan’s blog has a lot of posts analysing different features or running different experiments on the Oracle database.

Post: DDL Logging


20 – Jorge Rimblas

URL: http://rimblas.com/blog/

Twitter: rimblas

Jorge’s blog mostly covers Oracle APEX but it has some good SQL-specific topics.



21 – Julian Dontcheff

URL: https://juliandontcheff.wordpress.com/

Twitter: JulianDontcheff

Julian posts occasionally on his blog, and include a range of database topics to help SQL developers.

Post: The James Bond of Database Administration


22 – Kamran Agayev

URL: http://kamranagayev.com/category/sql-and-plsql/

Twitter: KamranAgayev

Kamran only has a few actual SQL posts, but has a range of other content such as ORacle guides and books.

Post: ORA-06502: PL/SQL: numeric or value error: Bulk Bind: Truncated Bind


23 – Kent Graziano

URL: https://kentgraziano.com

Twitter: KentGraziano

Kent has many achievements (including being a published author) and has a lot of great SQL information on his blog.

Post: 4 Keys to Succeeding with Agile Data Warehousing in 2016


24 – Kerry Osborne

URL: http://kerryosborne.oracle-guy.com/

Twitter: KerryOracleGuy

Kerry’s blog includes a range of posts on presentations he’s been to, and different experiments he’s run on databases.

Post: Displaying SQL Baseline Plans


25 – Kim Berg Hansen

URL: http://www.kibeha.dk/

Twitter: kibeha

Kim’s blog includes many posts on SQL and PL/SQL, as well as some recent interesting posts on the Oracle Database Developer Choice Awards.

Post: Scraping and querying Oracle Database Developer Choice Awards votes – Part 1


26 – Kris Rice

URL: http://krisrice.blogspot.com

Twitter: krisrice

Kris’ blog focuses on the tools that Oracle SQL developers can use, including many posts on SQLcl.

Post: Yet another CSV -> Table but with pipleline function


27 – Martin Berrger

URL: http://berxblog.blogspot.com

Twitter: martinberx

Martin’s blog includes many different posts on Oracle features, such as ASM and SQL tracing.

Post: If you write SQL, be specific!


28 – Martin Carstenbach

URL: https://martincarstenbach.wordpress.com/

Twitter: MartinDBA

Martin is an Oracle consultant and author. His blog includes many Oracle topics, including 12c features.

Post: Additional information on Oracle 12c big table caching


29 – Martin Widlake

URL: https://mwidlake.wordpress.com/

Twitter: mdwidlake

Martin’s Friday Philosophy series of columns is popular, and he also blogs about different issues he faces with Oracle databases.

Post: ORA_ROWSCN – When Was My Record Commited


30 – Mauro Pagano

URL: https://mauro-pagano.com

Twitter: Mautro

Mauro is also a database consultant and blogs about different tips and features of Oracle databases.

Post: UNUSABLE indexes and TRUNCATE


31 – Michael McLaughlin

URL: http://blog.mclaughlinsoftware.com/plsql-programming/

Twitter: MacLochlainn

This blog has a small range of Oracle SQL posts, but they are quite valuable.

Post: Check for external files


32 – Nimish Garg

URL: http://nimishgarg.blogspot.com

Twitter: nimishgarg

Nimish is quite helpful in some of the Oracle Facebook groups I’m a member of, and has a range of topics on his blog.

Post: Avoiding unnecessary function calls to optimize SQL statements


33 – Randolf Geist

URL: http://oracle-randolf.blogspot.com

Twitter: None

Randolf’s blog has a lot of posts on 12c parallel execution, and various video tutorials he has made.

Post: Temp Table Transformation Cardinality Estimates


34 – René Antúnez

URL: http://rene-ace.com/

Twitter: rene_ace

Rene’s blog includes some great SQL tips and has his blog in English and Spanish.

Post: OOW15 : What to do and What to See at Oracle Open World 2015


35 – Ric Van Dyke

URL: http://ricramblings.blogspot.com

Twitter: RicVanDyke

Ric posts occasionally on his blog and includes various tips for improving your SQL queries.

Post: Analyzing Execution Plans


36 – Richard Foote

URL: https://richardfoote.wordpress.com

Twitter: richardfoote

Richard has a lot of posts including Oracle indexes and database administration.

Post: Quiz Time. Why Do Deletes Cause An Index To Grow?


37 – Oracle Wizard (Rob Lockard)

URL: http://oraclewizard.com/

Twitter: YourNavionPilot

Rob’s blog includes a range of topics that would be useful to SQL developers, such as Oracle performance.

Post: Insert performance on a unique constraint


38 – Robert Vollman

URL: http://thinkoracle.blogspot.com

Twitter: None

Robert has a good range of posts, even though the blog hasn’t been updated in a while.

Post: Two Ways of Doing the Job


39 – Real Tri Geek (Sarah Zumbrum)

URL: https://realtrigeek.com

Twitter: TriGeek_SCZ

Sarah’s blog includes a lot of summaries about conferences she has been to, and various Oracle technologies.

Post: One Month as an Oracle ACE Associate


40 – Oracle Alchemist (Steve Karam)

URL: http://www.oraclealchemist.com/

Twitter: OracleAlchemist

Steve’s blog has a range of topics for DBAs and developers, and even some about other Oracle technologies such as ASM.

Post: IT Stockholm Syndrome


41 – PL/SQL Challenge

URL: https://plsqlchallenge.oracle.com/pls/apex/f?p=10000:8::::::

Twitter: PLSQLChallenge

This blog contains articles relating to the Oracle PL/SQL challenge, which is also linked from the site.

Post: Results in for the 2014 PL/SQL Championship


42 – Steven Feuerstein

URL: http://stevenfeuersteinonplsql.blogspot.com

Twitter: sfonplsql

Steve Feuerstien is one of the most well-known people in the Oracle world, and his blog is a great read.

Post: Minimize context switches and unnecessary PL/SQL code: an example from the PL/SQL Challenge


43 – Stew Ashton

URL: https://stewashton.wordpress.com

Twitter: StewAshton

This blog has a few good blog post series explaining different experiments Stew has run on Oracle.

Post: Summarize Data by Range


44 – Tanel Poder

URL: http://blog.tanelpoder.com/

Twitter: tanelpoder

Tanel’s blog has articles and videos of different features, including a series on RAM.

Post: RAM is the new disk – and how to measure its performance – Part 1 – Introduction


45 – Oracle Base (Tim Hall)

URL: https://oracle-base.com/blog/

Twitter: oraclebase

Tim has a lot of great posts on his blog, including some good Oracle videos he has created.

Post: Video : The MERGE Statement


46 – OraFAQ

URL: http://www.orafaq.com/articles/sql

Twitter: None

The OraFAQ site has a lot of information in the forums, wiki, and some great blog posts.

Post: Identifying missing FK indexes


47 – Uwe Hesse

URL: https://uhesse.com/

Twitter: UweHesse

Uwe’s blog includes some of his videos, conference notes, and some great features of the Oracle database.

Post: Auto optimizer stats after CTAS or direct loads in #Oracle 12c


48 – Vadim Topashko

URL: https://vadimtropashko.wordpress.com/

Twitter: None

This blog contains some SQL topics and the theory of SQL queries

Post: Automatic database links in SQLDeveloper


49 – Viral Patel

URL: http://viralpatel.net/blogs/category/database/oracle-database/

Twitter: None

Viral has a large blog that has a great selection of Oracle SQL posts.

Post: Auditing DML changes in Oracle


50 – Vivek Sharma

URL: https://viveklsharma.wordpress.com/

Twitter: None

Vivek’s blog has a range of posts on performance tuning and different events he has been to.

Post: SQL Optimization ! Yet another example


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Thanks to those who were included in the list for creating some great Oracle SQL blogs!

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