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Ben has simplified sub-queries for me, regex, and many other topics. I feel slow when reading a lot of explanations off the internet, but his explanations are so clear, they make these topics easy to understand. The "SQL Interview Questions & Answers", which I nearly didn't read, was full of answers I had on how to use CTE, DBMS-Output, temp tables. And then I put them all in a folder that are easy to refer back to. On top if it all, I don't have to sift through a 10 minute you tube to find the 10 seconds of information I'm looking for. I also get emails from Database Star on topics I didn't even knew I had questions on - like how to manage your time, and book recommendations like "Clean Code" by Robert C. Martin.

Nancy T

Database Star Academy member

I think I am one of the guys who joined you almost from the beginning of the launch of your academy (correct me if I am wrong). And, this is the first time in my IT career I have ever subscribed to any site such as yours. After being with you for some time, I now feel that I have not made any mistake by subscribing to your site. I have learnt a lot by following your site which cannot be described in words. Examples given after each topic are very useful. The videos are simple, informative and easy to understand. There is also a lot of general content which is very useful in developing the subject. I am extremely grateful to you for that. I am also happy to see you coming up with different flavors of SQL (SQL Server, MySQL & Postgres SQL). It would be easy for a person to refer to one single site for everything. In fact, I am looking forward to detailed stuff related to Oracle DBA and other related topics. Hope, it is on the way.

Korlahalli S

Database Star Academy member

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