A collection of guides and articles to help you start and improve your career.

Whether it’s getting started in the software development industry, finding a job, or improving at your current job, you’ll find articles on this page to help you.

Job Search

A range of articles and other resources to help you with your job search.

Things to Know Before Your Career: A list and explanation of things you should know before you start a programming career.

Starting a New Job: A guide to starting a new job as a software developer.

How to Become a Contractor: A guide on how to become an IT contractor.

Guide to LinkedIn: A guide to LinkedIn for software developers.

Definitive Guide to Becoming a Database Developer: An in-depth guide on becoming a database developer.

How to Find a Programming Job: A guide and list of places you can use to find a programming job.

How to Become a Consultant: A guide on how to become a consultant in the IT industry.

Job Interviews: A guide to job interviews for developers.

How to Become a Database Administrator: A guide and steps on how to become a database administrator.

Resume and Cover Letter: A guide to writing a resume and cover letter.

Business Analyst: The ultimate guide on how to become a business analyst.


A range of articles to help you improve your career.

Learning from a Travel Visa Disaster: How a Chinese travel visa disaster helped my career.

Learned as a Junior Programmer: A few things I wish I had known when I was a junior database programmer.

Don’t Reinvent the Wheel: What “reinventing the wheel” is and why you should avoid it in software development.

How to Organise Email: Here’s how I organise email to keep track of it.

Performance Reviews: A guide to performance reviews for developers.

Effective Communication: A list of 26 tips on effective communication at work.

Advice for Computer Science Students: 130 Computer Science faculty share their advice for new CS students.

Real Life Habits We Can Learn From Programming: A list of real-life habits we can learn from programming.

Getting Kicked Off a Project: How to handle getting kicked off a project.

Career Lessons from Game of Thrones: A list of career lessons you can learn from Game of Thrones.

Reduce Stress: A collection of tips to reduce stress and have a positive attitude at work

Career Planning: A guide to career planning for software developers.

Time Management Tips: A collection of 37 time management tips for developers.

Advice for Software Development Client Success: 65 software development companies share advice for client and project success.

Learned from Renovation: A list of things a house renovation has taught me about my career.

Let Go: I was let go. Why is it important to be prepared?

The Importance of Routine: An explanation of personal routine and why it’s important.

Improve Work Performance: A list of 72 ways you can improve your performance at work.

Improve Programming Skills: A list of 32 ways you can improve your programming skills.

4 Books for Programmers: A review and thoughts on four books for programmers that I’ve read.

Tech Conferences 2020: A list of 960+ tech conferences occurring in 2020.

Note: Due to COVID, most of these conferences did not go ahead, but I’ve kept this page up if you want to know more about them.


A range of reference guides and articles on software development and career.

Employer Pay for Certification: How to convince your employer to pay for your certification.

Test-Driven Development: An explanation and guide to test-driven development (TDD).

What My Average Day Looks Like: A walkthrough of what my average day looks like.

Creating a Web App: My experience creating a web app from scratch on the side.

Simple Solution: An explanation and story of why a simple solution is often better.

Programmer Jokes: A list of 88 different jokes for programmers.

Business Jargon to Avoid: A list of 65 business jargon phrases to avoid and what to use instead.

185 Software Development Acronyms: A list of 185 different acronyms in software development.

189 Career Quotes: A list of 189 different career-related quotes.

JDBC in Java, Hibernate and ORMs: An in-depth guide and resource list of using Java JDBC, Hibernate, and ORMs.