Database Design

Database design is the process of defining how a database will be structured. This primarily includes tables, their relationships, and the columns each table contain.

This page has articles on everything about database design. There are guides on how to get started, and articles that have tips about avoiding bad design or naming conventions for tables and columns.

Note: more content will be added to this page soon!

Getting Started

Database Normalization: An explanation and step-by-step guide on database normalization.

How to Design a Database: 6 easy and actional steps on how to design a database.

19 Best Database Books: Here’s my list of 19 of the best database-related books.

Ultimate Guide to Data Warehouses: An in-depth guide on data warehouses.

Entity Relationship Diagrams: An explanation and guide to Entity Relationship Diagrams (ERDs)

Sample Databases: A collection of sample databases, including an ERD and SQL to create them.

Further Learning

Database Design Mistakes: An explanation of 24 database design mistakes and how to avoid them.

Data Modeling Tools: A list of 76 data modeling tools compared.

Naming Conventions: A list and explanation of suggested naming for tables and other objects.

Database Keys: An explanation fo different database keys (surrogate, natural, composite, and more)